Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make money online - Overview

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make money online

There are many ways to make money online, but let's consider the three hottest: Google's Adsense, social networks, and the website. If you are new to all this then let’s start with what Google's Adsense is.

Adsense: On the front page of Google we have the traditional search box – just enter what you are looking for, hit the return key, and you have the famous search results listing. On the left are your results. The top three lines are paid-for ads. The right side is also paid-for ads.

OK, how does Google get paid for these ads? Easy – just mouse over and click. This is called a Click-Through (CT). Now the owner of the ad will pay for all traffic driven to their website from one of these Click-Through links. Google helps the business with budgets, CT rates (CTR) and many tools designed to maximize the business’ ad money.

One of Google's mottos is: "Give the advertiser the most bang for their buck!" That was great and still works fine. But what happens when a user clicks the search text instead of one of the CT ads? No money is made.

Targeted market ads: So up pops the brainchild Adsense – originally prototyped by Paul Buchheit, lead developer of Gmail. Now we can follow the user onto the next leg of their journey and then on to the final destination: the owner of the advertisement.

This is where Adsense and you make money. At this point the user has not yet reached their destination. They are still researching the product or service.

This is where you come in. You have a blog with information for the user. On the sides of your blog you provide advertisements from Adsense. Adsense then pays you for CT traffic, so when someone clicks through to your blog and finds an ad that interests them, they click it, Right? Right! And when they click it, you get paid as an owner of the blog and having registered with Google's Adsense.

So you make money when someone clicks the ad on your blog, simple and sweet. Well… kinda. In order to make money, there is much more to learn on this topic and we’ll cover it later.

Social networks: Social networks like YouTube also have CT ads that are posted near the content. But more importantly, they make videos. These videos make money. They are used to promote a product, music, or present the fun side of business. Some of the clients of YouTube also have links to blogs and websites to promote products and services. Now these blogs and websites have ads, and ads have Click-Through revenue. So again, we are back to Click-Throughs.

Websites: These are a breed unto themselves for making money online. A website can have all the above elements and still focus on informing, advertising, buying advertisement, incorporating Adsense, selling ad space directly and adding links to Affiliate Programs.

Note: An Affiliate Program pays you if a user buys a product or service by clicking the advertisement link placed on your website.

So websites can be the most versatile, but they also require the most work to maintain. Remember, one of the major reasons for a website is to draw customers to the products or services you provide. Through the use of Affiliate Programs and Adsense advertising, you can help defray the cost of a full-blown, fully-featured storefront.

If you have a simple website, then the placement of Adsense and properly written blogs and Articles can move you up Google's search engine, and maybe even onto page one.

Getting customers to your front doorisn’t this the point of your website? So they see your products or services, and buy them.

Now on the backside of your website you can have multiple blog areas that may address different subjects, say machine tool equipment and another for machine tool programming. Each of these in turn would have their own Adsense links and their own targeted market ads. So with your web site, you could create a machine tool community with products and services that surround your product line.

Besides the product information, the website can be used to publish articles about products or services you offer.

How about unique and different ways to use your products or services? You may even provide a repair parts page that would have ads for UPS, or repair service organizations, creating affiliates or providing the space for Adsense advertisements. The possibilities are nearly endless. But each aspect can be used to create revenue.

And in the end, is this not what we are in business for?

So you must decide how you want to make money online; doing Blogs (Articles), Social Networks (Video), a Business Web Site (selling Product), or a Website community (Doing Blogs, Video, Support and Products).

OK to Make Money Online - Setup


Monday, March 16, 2009

Setting up a Make Money Online blog in Blogger

In this to Make Money Online article we will setup a new Blogger account and create your first Blog.

Go to www.blogger.com, make sure you have a valid email account before you use the Create Account button. If you don’t have an email account go to www.gmail.com and set one up it’s free.

With your email account in hand press the “Create Account” button.

Now using your keywords enter them into the Blog title and the Blog address (URL). Now you might want to title your blog “Simple Simon” and using the address “http://simplesimon.blogspot.com “. But when you check if it is available you would be told the address was already taken.

When this happens try changing the spelling, reverse the words, add a word, until you find that the address is available. I tried http://simple-simon-blog.blogspot.com and it was available.

Enter the word verification. I don’t know about you but sometimes I need to do this more than once, I am just not always sure of the spelling. It will let you do it again but there may be a limit. Then press the continue button.

This will bring you to the template selection page. The default is fine and you can change it later if need be so hit the continue button.

Now hit the “Start Posting” button.

I suggest we do something simple first. Let’s create an “About Blog” page. In the title enter “About Blog” and in the large box tell your reads what this Blog’s purpose and what your vision is for your new Blog.

When your done press the “Save Now” button. Then press the “Preview” to view your new “About Blog”. If your happy then press the “Publish Post” button.

Now, press the “Settings” tab at the top.

Fill description, you can borrow some from your about article. Use your keyword at least once and if you can twice in your description. Go to the bottom of the page and press the “Save Settings” button.

At the top under the “Settings” tab press the "Formatting" tab.

Set “Show” to 1 instead of the default of 7. Check your time Zone, it should be correct it not set it.

Set “Show Link Field” to Yes.

Go to bottom and press the “Save Settings” button.

At the top under the “Settings” tab press the "Commits" tab.

Set “Backlinks” to Show.

In “Comment Notification Email” enter your email address.

Press “Save Settings” button.

That it. You can now go back and publish as many article as you like.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your first Make Money Online Article

In this Article of Making Money Online we will look at two popular ways of setting up a Blog.

The first is Google’s Blogger and can be found at www.blogger.com. It is free and is easy to setup. The second is Wordpress and can be found at www.wordpress.org. Wordpress is free but it must reside under a domain name, website or hosting site. But before you run off and setup a new blog you need to answer the following questions:

Have you decided on a special niche yet? Hopefully you did this on the last article.

What are the keywords for your niche?

The keywords are very important, so you need to test them first. Take one of your keywords i.e. “Making Money Online” and run it through Google.

My example returned 184,000,000 hits. This is a well developed market segment and will require a lot of work to move you up the search engine results page (serp),

Let’s change the search and see if “Ok to make money online” faired any better. This returned only 33,200,000 hits. This is a much smaller market segment, but still quite large. One that is in the 1 million or less range with lots of paid ads on top and down the side would be a great market.

The point is to pick your market, then your niche and then use Google to find your best set of keywords. Why is this so important? The easy answer is you want to become the top selection in your targeted market.

Now that you have your keywords, you need to pick a blog name or a domain name. This will depend on if you are using Blogger or Wordpress.

Remember, you need to use one of your keywords in your Blog, URL or Domain name. This will help raise you higher in the serps. Not only should you use your keywords in your URL but in you Blog title and the first couple lines of your articles.

To setup Blogger check out: http://oktomakemoneyonline.blogspot.com/2009/04/setting-up-make-money-online-blog-in.html

To setup WordPress check out: http://oktomakemoneyonline.blogspot.com/2009/04/setting-up-make-money-online-blog-in.html

Now, let’s write your first article. Remember you want to use your keywords in your article title or the title of your blog is just fine. When writing the article you should also include your keywords in the first few lines of you first paragraph.

Now don’t over use the keywords, the current formula is only 5 uses per (100) hundred words. Google will down grade you if you use it too many times.

In your body it is best to reference an external source to validate your subject. Only one or two external links are necessary.

Make sure in you closing paragraph that you use your keywords one last time in closing.

That it


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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