Monday, March 16, 2009

Setting up a Make Money Online blog in Blogger

In this to Make Money Online article we will setup a new Blogger account and create your first Blog.

Go to, make sure you have a valid email account before you use the Create Account button. If you don’t have an email account go to and set one up it’s free.

With your email account in hand press the “Create Account” button.

Now using your keywords enter them into the Blog title and the Blog address (URL). Now you might want to title your blog “Simple Simon” and using the address “ “. But when you check if it is available you would be told the address was already taken.

When this happens try changing the spelling, reverse the words, add a word, until you find that the address is available. I tried and it was available.

Enter the word verification. I don’t know about you but sometimes I need to do this more than once, I am just not always sure of the spelling. It will let you do it again but there may be a limit. Then press the continue button.

This will bring you to the template selection page. The default is fine and you can change it later if need be so hit the continue button.

Now hit the “Start Posting” button.

I suggest we do something simple first. Let’s create an “About Blog” page. In the title enter “About Blog” and in the large box tell your reads what this Blog’s purpose and what your vision is for your new Blog.

When your done press the “Save Now” button. Then press the “Preview” to view your new “About Blog”. If your happy then press the “Publish Post” button.

Now, press the “Settings” tab at the top.

Fill description, you can borrow some from your about article. Use your keyword at least once and if you can twice in your description. Go to the bottom of the page and press the “Save Settings” button.

At the top under the “Settings” tab press the "Formatting" tab.

Set “Show” to 1 instead of the default of 7. Check your time Zone, it should be correct it not set it.

Set “Show Link Field” to Yes.

Go to bottom and press the “Save Settings” button.

At the top under the “Settings” tab press the "Commits" tab.

Set “Backlinks” to Show.

In “Comment Notification Email” enter your email address.

Press “Save Settings” button.

That it. You can now go back and publish as many article as you like.

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