Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting Your Blog or Website Indexed With OK To Make Money Online

In this edition of OK to Make Money Online, let's concentrate on getting your site indexed by Google. Now, I cannot guarantee you will be indexed, that is solely up to Google, but if you follow the rules, you most likely will be indexed.

So, look at the best practices outlined so far:

1) You have a proper blog setup and active using either Blogger account or a domain name hosting Wordpress or Joomla.

2) The title of your blog contains your keyword(s) mine is Make Money.

3) You have an “About” page that includes your long tail keyword and a back link to your site.

4) You have copy and revised Google's Privacy Page example or copied my Privacy Page and revised it.

5) Check that your site is verified and contains a Sitemap link in Google.

6) Two or more original articles are posted on your site using your keywords.

7) You have multiple tags per article, at least 10 relevant tags.

8) When using WordPress, you have multiple categories.

9) You have installed your Technorati link and claimed your site.

Getting indexed in the Google search engine is our next task. If you are not indexed, it will be very difficult for someone to find you using the Google search engine. So how are you indexed? After you have polished up your Blog and have registered with Adsense it's time to get you indexed.

Remember that Adsense account we just created in Make Money – Adsense? Log in to that account and click on the "Resources" tab. On this page, under References, find the "Webmaster guidelines" and click it. On the next page, about half way down the middle column will be "When your site is ready" and under the title you will see a hyperlink to addurl.html. Click on this link.

This new page will have a sub-title called "Share your place on the net with us." In the URL input text field type your blogs URL address. Then add a comment and your keyword. Enter the squiggly name to verify a human entered the text and press the Add URL button.

After entering the squiggly letters correctly, you should see something like "Thank you, Your site URL has been successfully added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please note that we do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear", that how you make money.

The next edition of OK to Make Money online will be SEO for your blog.


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