Sunday, April 5, 2009

OK to Make Money Online - Adsense

In this Article of OK to Make Money Online will take a look at how to setup your account with Adsense.

What is Adsense? Adsense is a division of Google that is in charge of controlling the placement and type of ad displayed on a web page, be it a website or a Blog. The placement or location of the ad will be determinate by you. To some extent the type of ad will be under your control but how you control it will depend on the content of your blog. The more targeted your Blog the more targeted you ads will be. If you loosely define the purpose of your blog your ads will also reflect this. For example if your Blog is on snow skiing and you generally write articles about everything including the weather conditions at your favorite skiing location you will get general ads.

On the other hand, if you focus your Blog on snow skiing equipment for the aggressive downhill skier and more specifically the best skies, boots, and poles you will get better and more targeted ads.. Then the people placing the ads will want space on your Blog and the more popular your blog is the better.

Now both Blogs will make money online but the one with the more targeted Blog will get the performance ads and the performance ads pay better than the general ad even when the general ads have a higher CTR (click through rate) then the targeted ads. In another article about of it’s ok to make money online we will cover, poor conversion, poorly optimized page, poorly optimized traffic, smart pricing and low CTR.

For now lets get you Adsense account setup and start the process. So how does this all work? First we need to sign up with Google’s Adsense team and second we need to place Adsense html code in the Gagets on you blog. Go to Google’s Adsense web page at http// and enter your Blog’s URL, select English for Website Language. Make sure to check the “I will not place” boxes before moving to the next selection.

Now complete the Contact information. If you select business instead of individual make sure you have a registered business with a legal DBA and a Federal Tax ID number.

Before hitting the Select Button you must check and agree with the last three boxes above the Submit Button.

The next page will be Google’s confirmation page, check the information before continuing. You will be asked for your Google Account if you don’t have one don’t worry you can set one up from this page just follow the directions.

Enter your Google Email address and Password. This will complete your Adsense application and the next screen will be a confirmation screen and a notice that it will take Google 1-2 days to review your application.

In our next article of OK to Make Money Online well will cover the placement of the Adsense ad boxes in your Blog.


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