Saturday, April 4, 2009

OK to Make Money Online - Setup

Let’s install and setup a Blog in It’s OK to Make Money Online.

Google's Blogger is simple to use, and requires no experience, just sign-up at Blogger with a valid email account. Wordpress is also free but has more bells and whistles than Blogger. It also requires a little more knowledge; you can download it at Wordpress.

Note: Blogs created with WordPress requires WARP and/or a domain, host site, or a website.

Let’s hold off installing your blog till a little later, we need to cover a few initial details about markets and keywords.

A market is what you write about, like farming. What you choose to focus on is your niche, like profitable crops.

With this in mind let's use Google to find you a set of keywords. Enter your keyword or phase in Google, mine is “Make Money Online”, yours could be “profitable farming crops”. Google found 210,000,000 hits using “Make Money Online”.

A well-defined market to be sure and a lot of labor to get to the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Not saying this can’t be done but why fight an up hill battle, better to find that less traveled ground.

Changing the search and add a word or two for “OK to Make Money Online”. This search returned 33,200,000 hits, but still too many. It’s best to start with a niche that has less than one million hits. Check to see if it has a high concentration of paid ads on top three lines and multiple ads on the right side. This may be a great market.

Doing it this way should move you toward the top of a SERP for your niche market. Remember don’t target a niche too small or there won’t be enough traffic to support the number of click throughs to make it profitable

With keywords in hand, you need to pick a blog name or a domain name using the keywords. So if I am using “Ok to Make Money Online” then a URL of would work and in fact does. This is my URL for Blogger.

Ok so let’s try your new URL name with your keyword.
Go to Google and type in; If it returns: Your search - - did not match any documents, you are good to go. If it does return a match then reverse the wording, add a few dashes.
Just make sure your keywords as in the URL you select.

It’s key to remember, you must have a keyword in your Blog, URL or Domain name. Targeting you keywords will help raise you in the SERPs. Don’t forget a keyword in the blog title and the first and last line of your article. It’s a good practice to scattered some though the article. In this example we are using Make Money Online where I am using Bold to highlight it to the search bot.

Warning: don’t over-use your keywords! Google does not like to see more than 6-7 keywords per one hundred words. Google will consider this spamming if you use keywords too often.

Blogger set-up directions can be found at: Blogger Setup.

WordPress set-up directions are a little more complicated: WordPress Setup.

Your first article could be your “About” article. You will not need too many keywords but it’s good to put 1-2% in the article. The next article should be your Private Statement, don’t forget your keyword usage.

Write your article using keywords in the first line of the first paragraph. Don’t over due it but use another 2%-3% of keywords in the main body, but don’t exceed this or you make stay in the sandbox.

The main body must have a reference to an external source to corroborate your subject. One or two is fine. These are considered forward links. In a later article of OK to Make Money Online I will explain what back links are and why you need them.

Make sure your readers leave with something, I.E. a thought ,a new rule or a new way to look at your niche. Also leave a teaser or two for your next article. Don’t give your readers short articles, they may not return.

Google thinks along similar lines. Articles that are short give little information. They will need to be dynamic and should not be static, or the article page rating will decline, and later fall off page one.

When your article has good content, and is informative, even though it is static you are likely to stay on page one. The general belief is that when Goggle categorizes the article a targeted article gives it a superior page ranking.

The next Article in OK to Make Money Online will look at Getting you Indexed.


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