Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK to Make Money Online – How to Get Indexed

In this article of OK to Make Money online we will cover getting you indexed.

After setting up your account you need to get some traffic. No one at this point knows where your Blog is, so we need some way to tell them. This is where Google come in to play. Google’s bots search the internet daily for new information and updates to information they already have. One of the main tasks of the bots is to index the pages and archives available on the internet. We need to get your new blog indexed. After you have polished up your Blog and have signed up with Adsense let’s improve your chances of getting indexed.

If you have not setup your Adsense account yet then have a look at “OK to Make Money Online – Adsense”, else log in to your account.

Select “Resources” tab, then “Webmaster guidelines” tab. You should notice below the title “When your site is ready” you will see http://www.google.com/addurl.html, select the text and hit return.

You should be at Google’s “Add your URL to Google” page. Using your URL enter it in the space provided, using this URL I entered http://oktomakemoneyonline.blogspot.com. It is wise to enter a comment with your keyword even though Google says it doesn’t matter, maybe not today but who knows in the future. Enter the verification text that us shown in squiggly letters, select the Add URL button and hit return.

After correctly entering the squiggly letters Google will send a confirmation message. That’s it!

To increase your odds of being indexed I will cover how to create a Sitemap for your Blogger account in OK to Make Money Online – Creating a Sitemap


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